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Item Compendium
Name Description Sell Price
Tiny Petal A fragrant white flower from the starting areas. Worth: 8 en
Soft Hide Soft leather skinned from beasts. Worth: 9 en
Small Fang A small, sharp animal fang. Worth: 10 en
Bug Wing Beautiful wing with a mysterious shine. Worth: 10 en
Beast Bone Relatively hard mole's sternum. Worth: 11 en
Hard Shell Shiny outer shell of a crab. Worth: 12 en
Hardwood Piece of a Mandrake's body. Worth: 13 en
Hare Tail Fluffy rabbit tail. Worth: 15 en
Vine A durable Mandrake root. Worth: 16 en
Horn Elastic and easily worked horn. Worth: 18 en
Gum Hide Elastic leather used for armor joints. Worth: 18 en
Thorn Red thorn from a crab's shell. Worth: 18 en
Insect Eye Butterfly eye that's worthless if damaged. Worth: 20 en
Mugwort A bitter green herb that increases concentration. Worth: 20 en
Charcoal The ashes of a Mandrake. Worth: 21 en
Amber Lump Solidified nectar used in making medicine. Worth: 24 en
Red Fruit Deep red fruit that's unsuitable for eating. Worth: 25 en
Stinger Needle-shaped tail with venom glands. Worth: 26 en
Sticky Goo Adhesive tissue from a Gel. Worth: 27 en
Sticky Web Spider's silk that strengthens when dried. Worth: 28 en
Steel Lump Rare piece of pure steel obtained from Gels. Worth: 29 en
Bent Claw Large claw with a distinctive curve. Worth: 30 en
Feather A jungle avian's large feather. Worth: 30 en
Light Wood Thickest part of a large plant's stalk Worth: 32 en
Dye Petal Colored petals used for ornaments and dyes. Worth: 34 en
Crabapple Small, red fruit that gives an energy boost. Worth: 35 en
Scent Wood Fragrant tree bark used as a mild restorative. Worth: 35 en
Iron Shell Steel crab's shell tempered in flame. Worth: 35 en
Bird Talon Small talon shaped like a hook. Worth: 35 en
Metal Horn Bull horn with traces of steel. Worth: 36 en
Thick Leaf Thick, round leaves that can be boiled into jelly. Worth: 36 en
Tailbone The tailbone of a bird used in making bows. Worth: 37 en
Gum Vine Plant vine composed of bundled fibers. Worth: 39 en
Starseed Bitter seed that's good as an antidote. Worth: 40 en
Tiger Fur Slick tiger skin used as an insole for armors. Worth: 40 en
Mint Leaf Cool-tasting herb. Clears one's head. Worth: 41 en
Tiger Fang Steel tiger fang used to make sharp blades. Worth: 45 en
Pyroxene Shard of a clear, shining stone. Worth: 50 en
Steel Bone Small frog bone containing steel. Worth: 51 en
Scrap Iron Scrap material with traces of steel. Worth: 53 en
Gum Throat Can balloon to ten times its original size. Worth: 53 en
Bone Shard Shard of a frog bone that contains steel. Worth: 53 en
Bat Wing Wing supported by three bones. Worth: 54 en
Fossil Worthless shattered bones embedded in rock. Worth: 55 en
Elastic Strong leather that absorbs shocks. Worth: 55 en
Carapace Gigantic shell made of steel. Worth: 57 en
Bug Nest Moriyanma nest material made of oak branches. Worth: 60 en
Glass Eye Glassy frog's eye. Worth: 61 en
Shiny Goo Oily fluid that creates a rainbow dye. Worth: 62 en
Heated Fur Mouse skin that radiates heat. Worth: 62 en
Blood Fang Fang stained with blood. Worth: 63 en
Fish Scale Bristly fish scales. Worth: 65 en
Fire Tail Mouse tail that radiates heat. Worth: 65 en
Fish Fin Soft, silky fin from a swordfish's belly. Worth: 66 en
White Skin Pure white tiger skin that's soft to the touch. Worth: 66 en
White Fang Sharp, yet somewhat supple, fang. Worth: 67 en
Crab Leg Curved crab limb with steel joints. Worth: 68 en
Shred Nail Thin nail used to shred meat. Worth: 70 en
Hard Shard Rock shards used by the forest folk. Worth: 70 en
Shiny Horn Deer horn that prevents rusting in other metals. Worth: 71 en
Broken Eye A mantis eye that broke during battle. Worth: 72 en
Pure Root Mutant Y-shaped vine that wards off bad luck. Worth: 72 en
Ink Stick Carried in a pouch and used for writing. Worth: 72 en
Red Hide Deep red bear fur. Worth: 73 en
Tendon A large Achilles tendon. Worth: 73 en
Strawberry Its high sugar content provides an energy boost. Worth: 75 en
Musk Red deer sachet that solidifies when cooled. Worth: 75 en
Dried Vine Its intertwining hard fibers are uncuttable. Worth: 75 en
Sand Cloth Knitted grass cloth from the Sandy Barrens. Worth: 75 en
Carminite Crystallized remains of the Firebird. Worth: 76 en
Sand Twig Wood gathered from the Sandy Barrens. Worth: 76 en
Ant Honey Cluster of honey stored in ants' abdomens. Worth: 79 en
Rock Coral Can be brewed to form medicine. Worth: 80 en
Silver Eye A mantis eye with flecks of steel. Worth: 80 en
Nyx Scythe A soft white mantis scythe with red stains. Worth: 80 en
Fairy Wing Wing from the smallest of the forest folk. Worth: 80 en
Fairy Sap Honey gathered by the forest folk. Worth: 82 en
Red Plume Feather taken from a Carmine Beak's wing. Worth: 83 en
Stiff Hide Hard, stiff wolf's fur. Worth: 85 en
Red Beak Sharp beak from a predatory bird. Worth: 85 en
Steel Chip Used by the forest folk. Contains various metals. Worth: 86 en
Tiny Tooth Blade-like tooth for attacking prey. Worth: 86 en
Rex Throat Highly elastic King Frog's throat. Worth: 88 en
Demon Fur From a demonic rabbit that slaughters humans. Worth: 89 en
Gum Thread Spider's silk with hooked protrustions. Worth: 89 en
Stab Shell Conch with 16 spikes. Worth: 90 en
Space Nail Nail of uncategorizable meteorite steel. Worth: 90 en
Red Fur Flame-colored wolf's fur. Worth: 94 en
Gem Core Crystal core sometimes found in Gels. Worth: 96 en
Dry Peach Peach that can be brewed into medicine. Worth: 99 en
Life Honey Honey that cures any infirmity. Worth: 99 en
Whitestone Ivory stone used as construction material. Worth: 100 en
Sea Branch Beautiful branch that fetches a high price. Worth: 100 en
Red Blood Flame-colored wolf's fur that doesn't fade. Worth: 100 en
Death Stem Dark stem that evokes a feeling of death. Worth: 100 en
Angel Wing The translucent wing of a Divine Bee. Worth: 101 en
Blue Blood Giant insect blood excellent for dyeing. Worth: 102 en
Gold Fur Fur of a ferocious golden beast. Worth: 103 en
Space Husk Shell of uncategorizable meteorite steel. Worth: 103 en
Gold Tusk Triangular tusk containing gold. Worth: 106 en
Gold Shell Shining shell of a gigantic insect. Worth: 109 en
Gold Horn Twisted bull horn containing gold. Worth: 121 en
Space Claw Claw of uncategorizable meteorite steel. Worth: 125 en
Corundum Ore that shines blue and red when polished. Worth: 130 en
Cross Seed Seed from a flower with cross-like petals. Worth: 150 en
Sap Wine Extracted from trees in the Sandy Barrens. Worth: 165 en
Narcissus Fleshy flower with water stored in its petals. Worth: 170 en
Cordyceps Fungus that grows on the corpses of fairies. Worth: 180 en
Large Fang Large beast fang good for carving. Worth: 250 en
Thin Shell High-quality crab shell that's very thin. Worth: 300 en
Hell Wing A beautiful wing colored red and blue. Worth: 320 en
Bird Limb The limb of an ancient bird. Worth: 350 en
Cullinan Gigantic gem cut from pyroxene ore. Worth: 350 en
Bear Fur Sturdy, thick bear fur. Worth: 370 en
Toxic Barb Rare scorpion stinger dyed purple with venom. Worth: 400 en
Oleander White flower that grows in the Sandy Barrens. Worth: 450 en
Gum String Thin string wrapped in a rubbery outer skin. Worth: 480 en
Throb Vine Tentacle-like wood that moves even after cutting. Worth: 510 en
Shiny Vine Crystallized plant vine. Worth: 530 en
Shiny Seed Shining flower used for medicinal purposes. Worth: 550 en
Red Blade A blood-encrusted crab's pincer. Worth: 580 en
Drywall Brittle gray material usable for construction. Worth: 630 en
Crystwall Shard whose rock core is usable for construction. Worth: 650 en
Yellow Ore Yggdrasil cells that became yellow pyroxene. Worth: 690 en
Azure Ore Yggdrasil cells that became blue pyroxene. Worth: 700 en
Red Ore Yggdrasil cells that became red pyroxene. Worth: 710 en
Bug Scale Butterfly scales from the forest's depths. Worth: 780 en
Huge Fang Fenrir's fang, used for crafting weapons. Worth: 800 en
White Hide Fenrir's hide from below its fur. Worth: 830 en
Scythe Sharp but thin mantis scythe. Worth: 900 en
Gem Scale Mysterious powder that disperses light. Worth: 900 en
Black Root Became black by feeding on abandoned corpses. Worth: 960 en
Tri-Color Multicolored pyroxene with mystical powers. Worth: 980 en
Holed Limb Steel crab leg with holes drilled into it. Worth: 1,050 en
Tough Wing Wyvern wing resistant to all types of attack. Worth: 1,100 en
Ambrosia Renewing flower vital to the Yggdrasil Project. Worth: 1,100 en
Harvester Scythe capable of reaping anything. Worth: 1,100 en
Golem Rock Golem fragment that's hard as a rock. Worth: 1,200 en
Sharp Horn Cernunnos' horn. It has magnetic properties. Worth: 1,200 en
Royal Hide Smooth yet tough alligator hide. Worth: 1,200 en
Evil Plume Beautiful feather from the Forest Demon's arm. Worth: 1,250 en
Odd Fruit Fruit that oddly resembles a human head. Worth: 1,250 en
Cold Scale The result of scales frozen in battle. Worth: 1,300 en
Moschino Mysterious plant that perpetually spreads mist. Worth: 1,300 en
Great Tusk Large elephant tusk broken at the root. Worth: 1,400 en
Evil Shell Forest Ogre shell drenched in sorrow. Worth: 1,400 en
Sternum A Deathbringer sternum that's harder than steel. Worth: 1,450 en
Death Claw The Queen Ant's blade-like claw. Worth: 1,600 en
Evil Crest Feathers that adorn the Forest Demon's head. Worth: 1,600 en
100 Shell A 100-year old tortoise's shell. Worth: 1,700 en
Red String Whip-like vine carried by the Cruel Mistress. Worth: 1,700 en
Curse Tusk Elephant tusk with ominous engravings. Worth: 1,700 en
Huge Fin Corotrangul's fin made of flexible fibers. Worth: 1,800 en
Red Thread Whip-like vine carried by the Lady of Misrule. Worth: 1,950 en
Gem Plume Mysterious tail feather enclosed in crystal. Worth: 1,950 en
Evil Scale Green scale taken from the Forest Ogre's arm. Worth: 2,000 en
Gator Skin Hard skin covered with wedge-shaped scales. Worth: 2,100 en
Steel Claw Iwaropenelep's claw. Contains various metals. Worth: 2,200 en
Royal Mane Noble mane of the Forest King. Worth: 2,200 en
Ant's Jaw The Queen Ant's mighty crushing jaw. Worth: 2,400 en
Headroot Yggdrasil bulb shaped like a human head. Worth: 2,500 en
Armroot Yggdrasil bulb shaped like a human arm. Worth: 2,500 en
Legroot Yggdrasil bulb shaped like a human leg. Worth: 2,500 en
S Leaf Small leaf taken from a Yggdrasil bud. Worth: 2,500 en
Toxic Hand A black beast hand containing strong venom. Worth: 3,000 en
Wine Whip The Cruel Mistress' scented purple lash. Worth: 4,000 en
Rose Whip The Lady of Misrule's sweet-smelling red lash. Worth: 4,200 en
Tough Fang Fluted fang taken from an intact Wyvern head. Worth: 5,000 en
Statue Arm An intact Golem arm. Worth: 5,000 en
M Leaf Regular leaf taken from a Yggdrasil bud. Worth: 5,000 en
Royal Vine Part of the vines adorning Alraune. Worth: 5,500 en
1000 Shell Shell of a 1000-year old tortoise. Worth: 6,000 en
Gold Plume Iwaropenelep's stunning wing feathers. Worth: 6,000 en
Ice Spine Chilled spine of the Corotrangul. Worth: 6,000 en
Hex Chain Polished chain that deludes those who see it. Worth: 6,666 en
Beast Eye Manticore's eye with a multicolored shine. Worth: 7,000 en
Ebon Plume Feather unique to each bird. Worth: 7,000 en
Sword Rib A rare sword-like rib taken from Deathbringer. Worth: 7,500 en
Velvet Exquisite cloth made from Alraune's petals. Worth: 8,000 en
Fire Fang Wyrm's fang that radiates intense heat. Worth: 8,000 en
Frost Bone Icy bone of the Blizzard Drake. Worth: 8,000 en
Hex Marrow Bone center unaffected by alchemic reactions. Worth: 8,200 en
Barbel The Spark Dragon's whisker-like barbel. Worth: 8,500 en
Old Shell Intact shell of a 1000-year old tortoise. Worth: 9,000 en
Ruby Skull Skull composed of the mythical Crimsolite. Worth: 9,100 en
Ruby Bone Marrow composed of the mythical Crimsolite. Worth: 9,200 en
Volt Core Embryo of a dragon's cell. Worth: 9,800 en
Shroud Fragile bark enveloping Yggdrasil's corpse. Worth: 10,000 en
L Leaf Large leaf taken from a Yggdrasil bud. Worth: 10,000 en
Flame Skin Dragon skin that's resistant to fire. Worth: 12,300 en
Frost Skin Dragon skin that's resistant to ice. Worth: 12,300 en
Volt Skin Dragon skin that's resistant to voltage. Worth: 12,300 en
Fire Scale A single sharp scale from the Scarlet Wyrm. Worth: 13,000 en
Ice Scale A single sharp scale from the Blizzard Drake. Worth: 13,000 en
Volt Scale A single sharp scale from the Spark Dragon. Worth: 13,000 en
Demon Core The Labyrinth Core's essence. Worth: 18,000 en