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Item Compendium
Name Description Sell Price
Beast Meat A tender, delicious-looking piece of frosted meat. Worth: 0 en
Rat Needle A Hedgehog's prickly fur. Worth: 5 en
Husk Shard The shattered shell of a Woodmai. Worth: 6 en
Soft Fur Soft fur obtained from beasts. Worth: 6 en
Earth Nail Hard, thick claws of a Labyrinth mole. Worth: 8 en
Bug Wing Beautiful wing with a mysterious glow. Worth: 11 en
Bug Nail Clawed tip from the leg of a ladybug. Worth: 11 en
Metal Hull A shell as sturdy as a sheet of metal. Worth: 11 en
Gum Hide Animal hide with buoyant properties. Worth: 11 en
Bug Shell A ladybug's magnificent outer shell. Worth: 12 en
Shell Wart Thorns protruding from a beast's carapace. Worth: 12 en
Gel Core The nucleus of a cube-like gel. Worth: 13 en
Small Nail A crawling creature's twisted black nail. Worth: 14 en
Cactus Pin Light, sharp thorn from a Cactoid's head. Worth: 14 en
Long Pin Long, flexible, and prickly fur. Worth: 15 en
Red Shard Fragment of a rhino's horn. Worth: 15 en
Glue Quill An Evil Eye's wing hide. Highly elastic. Worth: 16 en
Cactus Log A cactus's flexible trunk. Worth: 17 en
Feather Owl feathers whose pattern resembles eyes. Worth: 17 en
Soft Horn Horn formed from the hardened skin on a frill. Worth: 18 en
Lymph Highly flammable butterfly lymphs. Worth: 20 en
Open Cap Bigcap's head with a hardened interior. Worth: 21 en
Iron Shell An internal shell wall, frozen and turned black. Worth: 22 en
Collar Fur Hide surrounding a lizard's neck area. Worth: 22 en
Green Hide Lizard skin impervious to any flame. Worth: 23 en
Huge Petal Reeking petals that can be used for armor. Worth: 24 en
Fiber Hide Thin, stretched cubic tissue. Worth: 25 en
Green Tail A Firezard's tail, left due to mortal peril. Worth: 25 en
Tiny Bloom Small flower that restores some HP. Worth: 25 en
Red Horn A large rhino horn, turned red from heat. Worth: 26 en
Gem Eye Resembles a polished crystal ball. Worth: 27 en
Rock Shard Strange-looking rock, crushed to fine pieces. Worth: 27 en
Ruby Shard Scrap of Nozuchi hide. Contains crimson metals. Worth: 28 en
Gum Vine A thorned vine with spear-like leaves. Worth: 30 en
Steel Fang A boar's large fangs, containing quality iron. Worth: 30 en
Bell Fruit Fruit whose skin has a tone which affects monsters. Worth: 30 en
Amazonite Bluish rock used for weapons or fuel. Worth: 30 en
Bent Twig Flexible wood that doesn't break easily. Worth: 30 en
Sour Fruit Sour fruit that restores some TP. Worth: 30 en
Tail Quill A Moa's tail feathers, spread to scare enemies. Worth: 31 en
Glow Quill Mysterious luminescent feathers of an Addleowl. Worth: 32 en
Moving Eye A squirming Fangleaf bulb. Worth: 33 en
Pure Quill A Gryphon's glistening white crown feathers. Worth: 33 en
Beast Hide Tough, thick beast fur, perfect for armor. Worth: 34 en
Red Core A cubic nucleus that gives off warmth. Worth: 34 en
Aragonite Seashell-like rock used as a polishing tool. Worth: 35 en
Hard Root Tree roots that grow deep underground. Worth: 35 en
Steel Beak Sturdy, steel-like beak of a Gryphon. Worth: 36 en
Bendy Tool The tangled, fibrous vines of a plant. Worth: 37 en
Holed Rock This pierced rock has a large hole in it. Worth: 39 en
Ruby Scale Crimson metal scales that turn red in heat. Worth: 41 en
Armor Hull Thorned armor of a giant dragon. Worth: 44 en
Ice Fiber A frozen, hardened cubic nucleus. Worth: 48 en
Torn Tail Snowzard's tail with flexible skin. Worth: 48 en
Steel Horn Actaeon's giant horn, containing steel grains. Worth: 49 en
White Gem Rock-like Snowsoul core, used for various things. Worth: 49 en
White Chip The sturdy, white bones of a winged creature. Worth: 51 en
Brute Bone Powerful dinosaur's huge thigh bone. Worth: 52 en
Bug Nest Moriyana nest material. Mostly oak branches. Worth: 52 en
Blue Fin Highly flexible fish fins. Worth: 54 en
Snow Fang Sharp fangs, used in high-quality weapons. Worth: 58 en
Shell Chip Shattered fragments of a crab shell. Worth: 59 en
Snow Quill Snowbird wing feathers, thin and white as snow. Worth: 62 en
White Hide The thin hide beneath a wolf's pelt. Worth: 63 en
Curse Nail Cursed bird's black talons, de-poisoned. Worth: 65 en
Red Mane High-quality hair from a Sleipnir's mane. Worth: 65 en
Whole Hull An intact shell of a Hugecrab. Worth: 65 en
Mint Leaf Cold grass that restores some HP. Worth: 65 en
Space Husk Carapace with metals beyond human ken. Worth: 67 en
Armor Bone The hard core of an armored tortoise's scale. Worth: 69 en
Dew Scale Flammable, easily damaged fish scales. Worth: 69 en
Blue Core Cubic core that's cold to the touch. Worth: 70 en
Fluorite Used in iron production and crafting lenses. Worth: 70 en
Red Root Flexible ivy that stretches like rubber. Worth: 70 en
Mugwort Wild grass that restores some TP. Worth: 70 en
Front Wing Transparent Moriyana wings. Worth: 73 en
Red Fin Beautiful and flexible reddish-white fin. Worth: 73 en
Stag Horn Mustache-like growth around a beetle's mouth. Worth: 75 en
Green Nut Press its seeds to make a high-quality oil. Worth: 75 en
Red Ball Highly durable red gem. Worth: 75 en
Hardwood Wood that doesn't burn, even in a fire. Worth: 75 en
Red Scale Merman scales turned red in the heat. Worth: 87 en
Bee Needle Sharp tip that could pierce through anything. Worth: 89 en
Bison Hide Bristly cow fur that's as sharp as needles. Worth: 90 en
Pale Arm Pale stone with strange emblems etched into it. Worth: 91 en
Gold Crest Conductive feathers from a lightning bird's head. Worth: 94 en
Toxic Barb Tail tip turned reddish-purple from poison. Worth: 98 en
Sticky Web Moist spider thread. Sturdy when dry. Worth: 99 en
Garnet Highly transparent crimson gem. Worth: 100 en
Metal Horn Broken animal horn, made of various metals. Worth: 101 en
Color Hull Rainbug shell, in a multitude of colors. Worth: 101 en
Dew Beak Large, metallic beak with a white band. Worth: 103 en
Pale Beak Strong, sharp beak taken from a pale bird. Worth: 104 en
White Hoof Intact Sleipnir hooves. Difficult to come by. Worth: 105 en
Razor Edge Windsnip arm that looks like a sharp scythe. Worth: 108 en
Strawberry Sweet berries that restore some HP. Worth: 110 en
Heaven Pin Still-undamaged needle from a scorpion's tail. Worth: 112 en
Gold Quill Glowbird feathers that shine brighter than gold. Worth: 113 en
Pale Quill Raven feathers with a variety of uses. Worth: 116 en
Plum Quill Surprisingly lightweight Big Moth wings. Worth: 118 en
Gold Claw Sharp claws that easily rip through flesh. Worth: 119 en
Celestine Sky-colored coin that turns red when heated. Worth: 120 en
Death Stem Grey, thin stake that brings death to mind. Worth: 120 en
Icy Flower Snow-like flower that restores some TP. Worth: 120 en
Glue Hide Sticky, malleable lizard skin. Worth: 126 en
Adularia Icy, transparent variant of orthoclase. Worth: 130 en
Sea Branch Snowflake-like flower that restores some TP. Worth: 130 en
Dark Lymph Rare lymphs found in moth wings. Worth: 131 en
Wind Blade A Windsnip's arm that can slice the breeze. Worth: 138 en
Dark Spur Caterpillar claws coated with strong poison. Worth: 138 en
Cry Root A Mandrake's sturdy roots. Worth: 138 en
Hazard Eye A bulb that extrudes vines in search of prey. Worth: 139 en
Pale Hull Nozuchi's outer shell, made of blue metal. Worth: 144 en
Bat Fangs Fangs soaked in blood. Worth: 146 en
Lemon Core Faintly luminescent cubic nucleus. Worth: 148 en
Log Cut-down tree trunk worth quite a bit. Worth: 150 en
Pure Shell Silver alloy coating a Defender's body. Worth: 152 en
Lilac Vine Thorny vine with sky-colored leaves. Worth: 156 en
Pure Bone Hair-thin tubing from a mechanical soldier. Worth: 156 en
Plum Hide A Gemzard's light purple skin. Worth: 161 en
Curve Horn Fang-like spikes from a caterpillar's maw. Worth: 162 en
Coal Brick Carbonized body of a burnt Mandrake. Worth: 162 en
Tri-Fruit Fruit that changes color with the temperature. Worth: 175 en
Head Gem Highly prized Gemzard jewel, still intact. Worth: 189 en
Blood Rock Dark red gem that looks like a clot of blood. Worth: 200 en
Deer Hide Durable hide with a sandpapery surface. Worth: 203 en
Crabapple Sweet-smelling red fruit that recovers some HP. Worth: 210 en
Gold Shell Armor fragment from a mechanized soldier. Worth: 214 en
Coal Bone Charred bone fragment of a black wing. Worth: 219 en
Prehnite Green gem that looks like a bunch of grapes. Worth: 220 en
Arc Branch Arched branch that can be used as a bow. Worth: 220 en
Cordyceps Mushrooms used to restore some TP. Worth: 220 en
True Shard Fragments of a bodiless suit of armor. Worth: 221 en
Hazard Bud A dangerous bud, cut before it could blossom. Worth: 223 en
Black Hoof Pitch-black hooves of a dark horse. Worth: 229 en
Coal Skull Preserved skull of a winged dragon. Worth: 231 en
Malachite Bluish-green copper ore with streaked patterns. Worth: 235 en
Scent Wood Cherry blossom bark that smells like its flowers. Worth: 235 en
Black Core Ebon nucleus, needing two hands to lift. Worth: 239 en
Comet Chip Unmalleable metal also called a "star shard." Worth: 244 en
Brass Fang A Raptor's steel-hard tooth. Worth: 248 en
Metal Chip Sharp, silvery fragment of some sort of metal. Worth: 250 en
Red Pine Reddish pine that grows in low-moisture areas. Worth: 250 en
Black Husk Blue-black carapace with spikes jutting from it. Worth: 271 en
Red Collar Frilled collar hide with flower-like patterns. Worth: 281 en
Narcissus Carnivorous flower with its own water supply. Worth: 285 en
Life Honey Healing honey that restores some HP. Worth: 285 en
Blue Petal Large petal, colored a venomous violet. Worth: 289 en
True Soul Purest sample from a mechanoid's armor. Worth: 289 en
Moss Shell Has gained astonishing hardness over the ages. Worth: 292 en
Albino Fur White hide from a lizard's stomach Worth: 296 en
Ice Sheet Soft plaster used in carvings and sculpture. Worth: 300 en
Wild Rose Brilliant pink flower that restores some TP. Worth: 300 en
1000 shell Shell of thousand-year-old crab. Worth: 301 en
Moonstone Pale blue gem that gives off a milky glow. Worth: 310 en
Gum String Thin, golden threads coated in rubbery skin. Worth: 310 en
Red Metal Fragments of a soldier's blood-soaked armor. Worth: 316 en
Tourmaline Rare mineral that's electrified when heated. Worth: 325 en
Ironwood Long, thin club that's hollow in the middle. Worth: 325 en
Gold Spore Gilded spores of a giant mushroom. Worth: 330 en
Sharp Nail Powerful monkey claw that can crack boulders. Worth: 350 en
Ice Branch Slender, bent crystal valued as an art piece. Worth: 350 en
Blood Soul A clump of metal that glistens red with blood. Worth: 361 en
Giant Horn Crown-shaped horn of a giant lizard. Worth: 370 en
Gold Arm Steelgun arm, made of indestructible material. Worth: 375 en
Gourd Head A Trigourd's headpiece. Highly resilient. Worth: 380 en
Scythe Thin, sharp scythe of a praying mantis. Worth: 389 en
Curse Bone Strange, bony structure from a Trigourd. Worth: 390 en
Maroon Fur Elegant, scarlet skin that's highly flexible. Worth: 398 en
Blood Hide Monkey fur that has grown matted with blood. Worth: 410 en
Throb Vine Tendril-like branch that moves after being cut. Worth: 421 en
Pure Horn Bone-white fragment of a triple horn. Worth: 432 en
Venom Twig Branch that's turned purple with poison. Worth: 436 en
Ruin Talon Black monkey claw that can cut through anything. Worth: 456 en
Jet Fur Ash-colored fur from a black monkey. Worth: 481 en
Volt Fruit Combustible fruit that activates talismans. Worth: 485 en
Short Nail Black caterpillar fangs that resemble needles. Worth: 489 en
Horn Shard A cow's broken horn. Worth: 490 en
Red Quartz Warm, pink crystal in demand by jewelers. Worth: 515 en
Red Blade Crab scissors whose tips are covered in blood. Worth: 520 en
Red Quill Thin, nebula-patterned wings of the king moth. Worth: 520 en
Red Lymph Incredibly poisonous moth lymphs. Worth: 533 en
Ebon Skin Highly flexible caterpillar hide. Worth: 539 en
Dry Thorn A durable thorn the color of rotting wood. Worth: 543 en
Bloom Wood Aromatic wood used in high-quality tools. Worth: 550 en
Carapace Steel-hard carapace with a brilliant luster. Worth: 560 en
Cactus Cap Embedded iron filaments have turned it brown. Worth: 571 en
Closed Cap Umbrella portion of a carnivorous mushroom. Worth: 630 en
Plum Scale As hard as metal, yet as flexible as animal hide. Worth: 669 en
Blue Skull Metal-plated skull that emits blue light. Worth: 671 en
Whole Horn Undamaged giant horn from a Trihorn. Worth: 688 en
Spine Horn Fireking's backbone, festooned with spikes. Worth: 690 en
Odd Fruit Human-shaped fruit used to activate talismans. Worth: 700 en
Red Jaw Teeth so large that one man cannot carry them. Worth: 710 en
Shine Rock Rare, weak mineral that stores and emits light. Worth: 720 en
Brute Tail Chimaera tail that looks like a giant serpent. Worth: 776 en
Wing Skull Winged dragon skull. Makes for a good helm. Worth: 780 en
Light Chip Gold fragment with a circular engraving. Worth: 780 en
Cat's Eye Looks like a cat's eye in the right lighting. Worth: 800 en
Shiny Vine Crystallized plant vine. Worth: 800 en
Deep Bloom A medicinal flower that recovers some TP. Worth: 800 en
Jade Thews High quality quartz colored yellowish-green. Worth: 825 en
Deep Leaf Its fibers are hard, like metallic needles. Worth: 825 en
Ambrosia Glowing analeptic flower that restores some HP. Worth: 875 en
Dark Scale Sharp, blade-like scales of a many-headed dragon. Worth: 980 en
100 Shell Carapace of a hundred-year-old turtle. Worth: 990 en
Small Bone Small bone fragment with a mysterious aura. Worth: 1,010 en
Risky Vine Vine drenched in lethal poisons. Worth: 1,020 en
Ruby Bone Wing bones made of a rare glowing substance. Worth: 1,110 en
Harvester A sickle blade said to cut anything. Worth: 1,280 en
Stone Beak A broken beak that has lost its stoning power. Worth: 1,320 en
Jet Shard Broken piece of a black knight's helm. Worth: 1,350 en
Spinal Fin Lightning fins from the spine of the Voltking. Worth: 1,480 en
Damask Bit Crimson fragment of a swordsman's arm. Worth: 1,550 en
Pop Leaves A highly combustible leaf. Worth: 1,650 en
Red Wings Grotesquely large wings, surrounded by flames. Worth: 1,680 en
Devil Wing Wing bone that's more elastic than pine wood. Worth: 1,690 en
Sternum Incredibly dense outer hide of a bone dragon. Worth: 1,720 en
Shot Shard Spent shells that never err, as if demon-guided. Worth: 1,780 en
Evil Rock Icy core that cannot be touched with bare hands. Worth: 1,780 en
Sword Claw Blade-sharp fangs of a lethal mole. Worth: 1,820 en
Thorn Bone Bony vines that grow from monstrous gourds. Worth: 1,920 en
Kilo Horn Complex horn resembling a many-branched tree. Worth: 1,930 en
Curse Garb Cloth stained crimson with maidens's blood. Worth: 1,980 en
Star Rock A mineral that glistens like stars in the night. Worth: 1,990 en
Glow Wood Soaks up light in the day to glow at night. Worth: 2,010 en
Curse Vine Cylindrical, boneless body of a pumpkin monster. Worth: 2,050 en
Pale Bone Chills one to the core when touched. Worth: 2,220 en
Sword Rib Rib bone that looks remarkably like a sword. Worth: 2,250 en
Sword Chip Tip of a ruby sword. Worth: 2,330 en
Dew Bone Artificial dragon tail spewing light and fire. Worth: 2,360 en
Gem Chip Fragment of the finest metal alloys. Worth: 2,460 en
Evil Bone Hardened scales from a many-headed dragon. Worth: 2,550 en
Ice Horn Iceking horn that's as sharp as a sword. Worth: 3,820 en
Snow Vine These appendages steal warmth with their touch. Worth: 3,890 en
Call Horn Triple horn from the nose of a Riptor. Worth: 4,860 en
Axe Shard Battleaxe fragment made from fine materials. Worth: 5,120 en
Flame Bone Unyielding bone with high fire resistance. Worth: 6,201 en
Ice Bone Blade-like spines from the Iceking's backbone. Worth: 7,120 en
Harpy Wing Winged arm with three sharp talons at the tip. Worth: 7,920 en
Guard Horn Gnarled, twisted skull of a guardian beast. Worth: 8,010 en
Giant Skin Patchwork skin of the thousand-handed giant. Worth: 9,760 en
Lord Wrath Chunk of the Overlord's scale-like armor. Worth: 9,800 en
Croc Skin Fine crocodile leather. Smooth, yet durable. Worth: 10,000 en
Iron Fang Sharp fang of a rare metallic substance. Worth: 10,000 en
Golem Rock Golem fragment that is harder than a boulder. Worth: 10,000 en
Tough Fang Fangs from the undamaged head of a winged dragon. Worth: 10,000 en
Guard Skin Sturdy hide that befits a guardian beast. Worth: 11,200 en
Fire Scale Uniquely sharp scale of the magnificient Wyrm. Worth: 20,000 en
Ice Scale Uniquely sharp scale of the magnificent Drake. Worth: 20,000 en
Volt Scale Uniquely sharp scale of the magnificent Dragon. Worth: 20,000 en
Brute Wing Beast king's wing made for defense, not flight. Worth: 30,000 en
Flame Puff A lizard tongue that burns on contact. Worth: 30,000 en
Sharp Claw Thin, sharp demon claws that can slice any prey. Worth: 30,000 en
Snow Bone Sharp bone the size and shape of a large spear. Worth: 30,000 en
Cut Quill Virtually weightless razored feather. Worth: 30,000 en
Red Spine Guardian beast tailbone of legendary ruby. Worth: 30,000 en
Giant Post Stake driven into the thousand-handed giant. Worth: 50,000 en
Statue Arm Golem's arm that has retained its shape. Worth: 50,000 en
Tough Wing Dragon's wing with various resistances. Worth: 50,000 en
Fire Fang Wyrm fang that burns all nearby. Worth: 50,000 en
Frost Bone The bones of a Drake. Worth: 50,000 en
Amp Barbel Taken from the mane of the thunderous Dragon. Worth: 50,000 en
Eden Apple Strange red fruit found on the Ur-Child's wings. Worth: 100,000 en