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Epic Glossary
Name Item Type Description Text
Epigraph Piece Epic Item A Lithograph with spiral letters in the stone. Legend:
In the depths of the sea, an evil force has lurked in the darkness.
According to only a few witnesses, the creature is gigantic, with slime-covered tentacles that resemble squids and jellyfish.
To quote an ancient sage, "Gaze long enough into the darkness, and the darkness shall gaze at you..."
Never forget that when studying evil, evil is studying you!
Tome Page Epic Item An encyclopedia page from the books of Pliny. Legend:
The Dark Forest... The other researchers and I discovered the island north of Armoroad.
It is dense with foliage, rejecting all but the most intrepid explorers. Yet, we have already found ancient organisms, long thought extinct.
Still stranger, they have evolved. The isle is like a flask, with the flames of chaos boiling beneath it.
And in the depths of that forest, was the most dreadful beast I have ever seen. I called it "Manticore."
Weapon Tome I Epic Item Volume I of the arms codex written by Pliny. Legend:
There was a time when the seas were not troubled by pirates. Back then, not everyone recognized the sea as the dangerous place that it is.
But one man's rise to infamy and then to legend changed all that single-handedly
"Jolly Roger" began as a fisherman with a rapier, but by the end, he had sacked cities across the world.
Even after his death, the voices of those that fear him linger. Rumors of his ghostly ship attacking the living are not so far-fetched...
Weapon Tome II Epic Item Volume II of the arms codex written by Pliny. Legend:
The trade city of Damavan... It is a city known for hinging its prosperity on the powers of a sealed dragon since ancient times.
The dragon is also responsible for a special weapon, with a very special origin.
The sword called Hrunting was made from the dragon's talon, and no words can describe how sharp its blade truly is.
It is even said that the blade can be restored with dragon's blood...
Weapon Tome III Epic Item Volume III of the arms codex written by Pliny. Legend:
Little is known about the pirate called Galateia, who once disguised herself as a man.
What we do know, is that she was very cruel and an expert with a rapier. Her sword, the Ice Fang, is said to have felled hundreds.
Once, a subordinate asked her where she obtained such a blade, and she answered one word: "Aeaea."
If that blade is what you seek, the legendary ice sword, perhaps there are clues in Aeaea...
Weapon Tome IV Epic Item Volume IV of the arms codex written by Pliny. Legend:
A swordsman called One-Eyed Dragon once hailed from the west. His katana was the renowned Kurikara.
His odd name is derived from the battle he fought against a sea dragon, who took one of his eyes.
Perhaps as revenge, he forged a weapon from its bone splinters, and thus, the Kurikara was born.
But, when One-Eyed Dragon died, he returned the katana to the sea... If you seek the blade, first, seek the sea dragon.
Weapon Tome V Epic Item Volume V of the arms codex written by Pliny. Legend:
There was once a monster that plagued the seas of the ocean city, attacking many ships.
It was a squid-like creature, both giant and fearsome, that used its tentacles to commit the most unthinkable atrocities.
But then the Calamity struck, and along with part of the ocean city, the monster disappeared as well.
From its tentacles, the cursed spear Rhongomyniad was forged... They say its white blade gleamed eerily, and trickled blood...
Weapon Tome VI Epic Item Volume VI of the arms codex written by Pliny. Legend:
Once there was a wild king, born and raised in the jungle. He was called Greystroke, and he was friend to all manner of beasts.
I visited him in the Dark Forest once, and I witnessed him tame the beast I called the Manticore.
I noticed, though, that the great evil beast bore a dimly shining black chain around its enormous neck.
It was called the Beast King's Chain. This would help you, should you ever encounter an evil beast.
Weapon Tome VII Epic Item Volume VII of the arms codex written by Pliny. Legend:
Lightning... Some theorize that it is an expression of a god's anger, to be dreaded.
There is even a dreadful tale of a lightning bolt manifesting as a dragon, and assaulting a city.
But the city was saved by one soldier who slayed it, and then forged a hammer from its horn.
The soldier called it Ukonvasara, and unified the destroyed city under its banner as they rebuilt.
Weapon Tome VIII Epic Item Volume VIII of the arms codex written by Pliny. Legend:
It is said that there was once a god of the sea in this world...
According to the tales, he was a raging god, with a golden spear that sundered the seas with storms, and sent massive waves to shore.
But in another region, some believed he was a fire god, watching over the world as a flame burning beneath the water.
As for his trident, they say it was made from the fangs of a gigantic sea dragon.
Weapon Tome IX Epic Item Volume IX of the arms codex written by Pliny. Legend:
It is said that in an ancient battle, one soldier survived. He was neither brave nor heroic, he was simply clad in magic armor that could withstand any attack.
The price? He made a deal to keep a secret so long as he had it.
He kept the secret safe, until one day, he drunkenly let it slip.
He claimed to have obtained the armor from a city constructed by otherworldly beings... and was never seen again.
Weapon Tome X Epic Item Volume X of the arms codex written by Pliny. Legend:
An old minstrel's tale tells of "the world's strongest sword," called the Dragonbane.
It was a tale long told to guilds, until a knight stood up one day, claiming to know of a sword that was stronger still.
He first explained to the doubting adventurers the connection of the Dragonbane to the three dragons of the elements: fire, ice, and lightning.
But more interestingly, he claimed the presence of a greater dragon, guardian of a greater blade...