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Barter Log
Name Item Type Description Sell Price
7-Star Sardine Aquatic Animal A small fish with seven dots on it. Worth: 5 en
Flying Fish Aquatic Animal A winged fish that lays its eggs on the beach. Worth: 9 en
Sea Iris Rare Commodity A seaweed for both eating and fertilizer. Worth: 90 en
Filefish Aquatic Animal A diamond-like fish. It's actually quite fierce. Worth: 12 en
Lantern Squid Aquatic Animal A squid with a body that glows like a lantern. Worth: 15 en
Dark Moray Aquatic Animal A fish that attacks from cover. It's delicious. Worth: 21 en
South Urchin Rare Aquatic Animal An echinoderm covered in thorns. A popular dish. Worth: 280 en
Sea Turtle Rare Aquatic Animal A sea turtle with vice-like jaws. Worth: 210 en
Long Octopus Aquatic Animal A long legged octopus for boiling and consumption. Worth: 28 en
Stonefish Aquatic Animal A vile fish with a poison fin, but delicious flesh. Worth: 34 en
Silver Saury Aquatic Animal A swordfish commonly eaten by grilling it. Worth: 40 en
Sea Milk Commodity A bivalve that is both nutritious and medicinal. Worth: 95 en
Armored Shrimp Rare Aquatic Animal A tropical shrimp with an armor-like outer shell. Worth: 450 en
Overlord Squid Rare Aquatic Animal A gigantic squid so rare, it has inspired legends. Worth: 4,200 en
Parrotfish Aquatic Animal Its body is hard and its forehead juts out. Worth: 65 en
Spear Squid Aquatic Animal A fish with a huge body and a spear-like head. Worth: 70 en
North Flounder Aquatic Animal A flounder that dwells north of Armoroad. Worth: 100 en
Tiger Puffer Rare Aquatic Animal Its poisonous organs make this tasty fish pricey. Worth: 950 en
West Conger Aquatic Animal A thin sand-fish that is tasty and popular. Worth: 115 en
Daimyo Bass Aquatic Animal A carnivorous fish with delicious white flesh. Worth: 160 en
Native Sunfish Aquatic Animal A fish with a disc-shaped body found in trenches. Worth: 180 en
Emperor Crab Rare Aquatic Animal This large crab's paste and eggs are treasured. Worth: 1,400 en
Niphon Aquatic Animal A longtooth grouper that swallows squid whole. Worth: 380 en
King Tuna Rare Aquatic Animal It easily grows over 3m, nicknamed Black Diamond. Worth: 3,200 en
Tanniyn Skin Commodity Once tanned, it is used for items such as bags or armor. Worth: 30 en
Tanniyn Meat Commodity Considered a blessing, it is eaten in celebration. Worth: 72 en
Tanniyn Bone Commodity Its ease of use makes it a craftsman's favorite. Worth: 430 en
Tanniyn Liver Rare Commodity If smoked and crushed, it becomes a pricey tonic. Worth: 600 en
Tanniyn Oil Commodity Skin oil used mainly for cooking and fuel. Worth: 1,600 en
Tanniyn Whisker Rare Commodity Has perfect flexibility for use as a bowstring. Worth: 6,800 en
Armoroad Cedar Commodity Found along coasts, it's great for detail work. Worth: 50 en
Terra Rossa Commodity Red clay for bricks and other industrial crafts. Worth: 35 en
Crawfish Claw Commodity A giant pincer that could cut a person in two. Worth: 120 en
Screwpine Fruit Commodity An orange, thorned fruit that is unfit to eat. Worth: 60 en
Breadfruit Commodity A tropical fruit used for a multi-purpose starch. Worth: 75 en
Honey Ant Commodity An ant that stores honey, making it delicious. Worth: 110 en
Light Salp Commodity A rare animal that can chain itself to others. Worth: 25 en
Bull Ant Commodity An ant with a huge red body and a painful bite. Worth: 20 en
Dye-murex Commodity The liquid it spits can be used as a purple dye. Worth: 75 en
Giant Kelp Commodity Seaweed better used as fertilizer than food. Worth: 40 en
Basket Star Commodity A starfish pest that can tangle fishing nets. Worth: 30 en
Amber Commodity A resin gem that may have fossil insects inside. Worth: 270 en
Iron Ore Commodity Ore called hematite used for steel manufacturing. Worth: 210 en
Coral Necklace Commodity A fisherman's charm, available in many shops. Worth: 320 en
Black Pepper Commodity It can sterilize food and is usually traded raw. Worth: 250 en
Niter Commodity Crystal used for natural and artificial gunpowder. Worth: 220 en
Rock Silver Commodity A quality silver, sold at high prices in the east. Worth: 360 en
Demon Melon Commodity A rare purple melon not found in encyclopedias. Worth: 50 en
Frankincense Commodity Tree resin used for incense and ointments. Worth: 300 en
Chintz Commodity Craftwork with cultural patterns dyed in cotton. Worth: 330 en
Armoroad Cane Commodity A type of sugarcane with a distinct sweet scent. Worth: 65 en
Ivory Commodity A pretty elephant tusk, valued as craft material. Worth: 350 en
Cacao Commodity A large, round fruit used mostly to make chocolate. Worth: 110 en
Garum Commodity A seasoning made by fermenting salted fish. Worth: 65 en
Kava-kava Commodity A fermented fruit crushed by a clan maiden's teeth. Worth: 1,000 en
Circe Chocolate Commodity A cacao-based sweet. It's quite nourishing. Worth: 750 en
Ivory Netsuke Commodity A stout, naked, old man carved from a tusk. Worth: 550 en
100-En Coin Commodity A copper coin made over a century ago worth 100en. Worth: 100 en
500-En Coin Commodity A silver coin made over a century ago worth 500en. Worth: 500 en
1000-En Coin Commodity A gold coin made over a century ago worth 1000en. Worth: 1,000 en
Platinum Money Commodity Platinum currency worth 10000 en. Worth: 10,000 en
Coastal Goods Commodity Items from the ocean city, sacked by pirates. Worth: 200 en
Foreign Goods Commodity Rare items from far away lands, sacked by pirates. Worth: 700 en
Torn Flag Commodity There is a reward for a captured pirate flag. Worth: 400 en
Bloody Flag Commodity The flag of a pirate ship hard won. Worth: 1,300 en