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Item Compendium
Name Item Type Description Sell Price
Igneous Rock Common Rock that cooled rapidly, making it harder than normal. Worth: 1 en
Wilted Shroom Common A ruined toadstool that can no longer undergo mitosis. Worth: 1 en
Red Scale Common Hard scale that covers the Fanged Fish's body. Worth: 3 en
Slimy Leg Common A leg completely covered in frog mucus. Worth: 4 en
Green Thorn Common Thorn on a monster's head that mimicks a fruit. Worth: 5 en
Small Shell Common Shrimp's shell that's resistant to cracking. Worth: 6 en
Frog Cheek Common Can stretch to 10 times its original size. Worth: 7 en
Sharp Tooth Common Long tooth that always finds its target. Worth: 8 en
Poisonous Tail Common Tail that injects secreted toxins into its target. Worth: 9 en
Mountain Claw Common Long, sharp talon for inflicting severe wounds. Worth: 10 en
Poison Hypha Common Toadstool's hypha that's dangerous to the touch. Worth: 13 en
Pungent Ivy Common An ambulatory flower's ivy that gives a pungent stench. Worth: 14 en
Gigapede Leg Common Centipede leg that tightly grasps its prey. Worth: 15 en
Elastic Tongue Common Tongue that stretches about 30 times its original length. Worth: 16 en
Tough Feeler Common Feeler textured with horn-like protrusions. Worth: 17 en
Tough Tooth Common Sturdy tooth that can be used in various ways. Worth: 18 en
Steel Shell Common A steel-hard shell that glistens as if polished. Worth: 21 en
Large Jaw Rare Jaw with the power to fell even the Labyrinth's trees. Worth: 23 en
Pseudopod Rare Ferrule that feels rugged, despite its appearance. Worth: 25 en
Topaz Common Light brown crystal that is structurally weak. Worth: 25 en
Small Flower Common Often found growing near the Labyrinth's entrance. Worth: 25 en
Supple Branch Common A piece of wood that doesn't easily snap. Worth: 25 en
Red Tail Rare Shrimp's tail that shrunk and hardened after being cooled. Worth: 26 en
Green Feather Common Bird's feather that cannot be cut with a dull blade. Worth: 28 en
Soft Skin Common Typically obtained from the beasts of the Labyrinth. Worth: 30 en
Red Shell Common Red shell of a shrimp that, oddly, evolved above water. Worth: 30 en
Phonolite Common Dark green rock with trace amounts of other gems. Worth: 30 en
Anra Fruit Common Popular fruit with a pleasant texture and sour taste. Worth: 30 en
Soft Bark Common Bark that can be easily shaped for a variety of uses. Worth: 30 en
Dark Red Horn Common Cut from the head of a rare, unusually aggressive blowfish. Worth: 32 en
Purple Scale Common Durable scale that covers the large serpent's body. Worth: 34 en
Starry Case Rare Exoskeleton that glitters when light is shined onto it. Worth: 36 en
Violet Comb Rare Cockscomb that sends a signal to its comrades. Worth: 36 en
Spherical Bone Common Sphere-shaped bone that covers the blowfish's body. Worth: 36 en
Red Core Common Starfish core that gives off warmth, as though still living. Worth: 37 en
Blue Core Common Mysterious starfish core that creates its own moisture. Worth: 38 en
Coral Arm Common Hardens after death, making it difficult to work with. Worth: 39 en
Tough Tentacle Common Octopus leg that secretes pinkish fluid when boiled. Worth: 40 en
Sharp Fang Rare Fang that kills its prey instantly to prevent escape. Worth: 41 en
Pungent Coral Common Coral that reeks of decade-old bones. Worth: 41 en
Shell Piece Common Piece of a shattered outer shell. Worth: 42 en
Bloody Blade Common Large crab's scissor with a bloodstained tip. Worth: 44 en
Salamander Lip Common Salamander's lips that are slimy, yet durable. Worth: 44 en
King Core Common King's core that glows green due to its magic powers. Worth: 45 en
Sea Beast Fur Common Fur that is useful in creating expensive clothes. Worth: 49 en
Coral Jaw Common Hard jaw that severely wounds whatever it bites. Worth: 50 en
Jet Common Black amber that fossilized underwater over centuries. Worth: 50 en
Green Algae Common Highly nutritious, green seaweed. Worth: 50 en
Sturdy Timber Common Timber so resistant to heat that it will not burn. Worth: 50 en
Blue Arm Common Blue starfish arm that can shoot water from its glands Worth: 51 en
Sharp Knob Common Protrusion used to pierce enemies when charging. Worth: 55 en
Muscled Arm Common A muscular arm too heavy for the average human to carry. Worth: 56 en
Red Bones Rare Star-shaped bone that gave form to a Red Starfish. Worth: 58 en
Century Shell Common Shell of a gigantic turtle that has lived for over a century. Worth: 59 en
Phyllite Common Greyish-brown rock that shines like silken thread. Worth: 60 en
Sea Grapes Common Rare seaweed with a pleasant texture. Worth: 60 en
Indigo Pith Common Perennial plant harvested for the blue dye it yields. Worth: 60 en
Eggshell Piece Common Remnants of a shell intended to protect a dragon pup. Worth: 61 en
Cilial Sucker Rare Sharp, pointed sucker that siphons off nutrients. Worth: 62 en
Muddle Hypha Common Saps the consciousness of its unwitting victims. Worth: 62 en
Flawless Shell Rare Great Hermit's outer shell with no damage whatsoever. Worth: 63 en
Dino Calcaneus Common Heel bone of a carnivorous lizard. Valued by scientists. Worth: 63 en
Ebony Liver Rare Delicious, if you can remove the toxins secreted within. Worth: 64 en
Red Iron Chip Common Piece of Nozuchi's outer skin which contains red iron. Worth: 64 en
Red Fragment Common Ant's bone fragment that has hardened and turned red. Worth: 66 en
Black Fragment Common Piece of an ant's black bone that contains a unique iron. Worth: 67 en
Thick Throat Rare Salamander throat with a multitude of uses. Worth: 68 en
Burning Fur Common Red fur that absorbs fire to add to its own. Worth: 68 en
Blue Shell Common Blue shell of a shrimp that, oddly, evolved above water. Worth: 68 en
Striped Tail Common A sturdier tail than it seems. No human hands can tear it. Worth: 70 en
Octopus' Horn Common Meant for killing prey within its field of vision. Worth: 71 en
Pup Horn Common Highly pliable horn commonly used in crafting. Worth: 76 en
Round Eggshell Rare A very well-preserved, and thus valuable, eggshell. Worth: 77 en
Jutting Tusk Common A fang sharp enough to scrape even large shells. Worth: 78 en
Stegosaur Fin Common It plays a role in regulating body temperature. Worth: 79 en
Red Iron Scale Rare Its high iron quotient makes it turn red when heated. Worth: 80 en
Slashing Nail Common Used for a single, desperate strike before escaping. Worth: 80 en
Flame Claw Rare Cat's claw that rends enemies with jets of flame. Worth: 87 en
Torn Tail Common Tail shed by a Flame Lizard to flee a dangerous situation. Worth: 88 en
Umbrella Lump Common Umbrella that looks light, but cannot be easily lifted. Worth: 88 en
Mole Claw Common Hard and thick, but not especially dangerous. Worth: 91 en
Fiery Stone Common Red stone that is fiery to the touch. Worth: 93 en
Small Scale Common Yellow scale that is small and thin, but reasonably hard. Worth: 99 en
Chalcophyllite Rare Light green mineral composed of fine crystals. Worth: 100 en
Corundum Common Iron ore that can be used as a whetting agent. Worth: 100 en
Hibiscus Rare Red flower famed in Armoroad for its tonic effects. Worth: 100 en
Flame Fruit Common Fruit that warms one's body from within when eaten. Worth: 100 en
Palm Trunk Rare Sturdy timber commonly seen in the south. Worth: 100 en
Trileaf Stalk Common It has sharp thorns normally found in hedges. Worth: 100 en
Atrocious Fang Common Crushes anything it considers to be threatening or edible. Worth: 103 en
Icicle Fang Rare Icy fang which causes frostbite in its victims. Worth: 104 en
Lizard Crest Common Lizard's fin undaunted by fledgling warriors' attacks. Worth: 105 en
Predatory Fang Common Once plunged into its target, it never relents. Worth: 105 en
Holed Rock Rare Piece of rock with a hole pierced through it. Worth: 105 en
Long Tongue Common Surprisingly coarse tongue used to catch prey. Worth: 109 en
Clastic Rock Common Large rock cluster formed of weathered stones. Worth: 110 en
Moss Strawberry Common Sweet strawberry that grows on rocks. Worth: 110 en
Pagoda Branch Common Known for its resilient, egg-shaped leaves. Worth: 110 en
Red Tusk Common Ancient elephant's tusk used to gore trespassers. Worth: 119 en
Proboscis Common Mistletoe tongue that sucks nutrients from its prey. Worth: 123 en
Deer Skin Common Extremely durable fur with a rough texture. Worth: 142 en
Swordfish Skin Common A set of fully bristled scales. Worth: 145 en
Prying Needle Common Needle that is stabbed into approaching prey. Worth: 150 en
Staunch Feeler Common Soft feeler that nonetheless never breaks. Worth: 152 en
Pig Iron Fang Rare Its poor durability makes it difficult to temper. Worth: 156 en
Spearhead Chip Common Shattered tip of a Deep One's spear. Worth: 164 en
Ebony Nail Common Deep One's nail with the power to draw out spells. Worth: 168 en
Silver Snakeskin Common It shines so brilliantly as to be irresistible. Worth: 171 en
Hammer Skull Common Hammer-shaped shark's skull that could cripple its prey. Worth: 182 en
Gold Caruncle Common Decorative Ptarmigan feather with an electric charge. Worth: 183 en
Dryad Liquid Common Odd fluid that changes hue at the water spirit's whim. Worth: 188 en
Cast-iron Hilt Common Hilt that is strong and light, and thus easy to handle. Worth: 196 en
Castor's Eye Common Its intense aura symbolizes the Deep Ones' power. Worth: 199 en
Magnetite Rare Iron ore with magnetic polarity. Worth: 200 en
Red Jasper Common Jewel valued as a good luck charm for warding off evil. Worth: 200 en
Narcissus Rare Flower of a succulent plant that stores water. Worth: 200 en
Crabapple Common Red fruit with a sweet scent. Worth: 200 en
Abyssal Twig Rare Feels like coral and is very light, but unfit for crafting. Worth: 200 en
Deathly Stem Common Thin, gray stalk that gives the impression of death. Worth: 200 en
Broken Rock Common Fine piece of a shattered, strange stone statue. Worth: 201 en
Charmed String Common Causes mischief and confusion when plucked. Worth: 206 en
Flat Beak Common Beak that won't melt unless left inside a forge for hours. Worth: 208 en
Ebony Shard Common Broken portion of a black knight's horned helm. Worth: 221 en
Hippo Tusk Common Tooth that mercilessly crushes any intruders. Worth: 225 en
Ghost Keel Common Ship's skeleton unaffected by the wake of its attacks. Worth: 226 en
Shining Feather Common Tail feather of a Dementia Owl that emits a mysterious light. Worth: 236 en
Crocodile Hide Common Very high quality leather that's both smooth and tough. Worth: 239 en
Damascus Edge Rare An axe blade made from an extremely rare steel. Worth: 246 en
Serpentinite Common The patterns on this rock resemble a snake's trail. Worth: 250 en
Hyacinth Petal Common They look most beautiful when floating in water. Worth: 250 en
Crystal Vine Common Crystallized vine of a plant. Worth: 250 en
Swordfish Fin Common Soft fin on a swordfish's belly that feels like silk. Worth: 270 en
Hard Skull Common Wouldn't shatter even if a cannonball struck it. Worth: 271 en
Rat's Fang Common Small, sharp fang of a Treerat. Worth: 279 en
Dawn Thorn Common Thorny head permanently stained the color of dawn. Worth: 281 en
Butterfly Wing Common Iridescent wing with a mysterious shine. Worth: 288 en
White Fox Fur Common Pure, beautiful fur that has accumulated magic power. Worth: 289 en
Hazard Bulb Common It extends its ivy, then lies in wait to snare its prey. Worth: 292 en
Witch's Robe Common Protects the wearer from curses. Worth: 298 en
Cursed Talon Rare The poison has been removed from this black nail. Worth: 299 en
Pyrargyrite Rare Dense ore with a red surface. Worth: 300 en
Nephrite Common Translucent green gem often used in jewelry. Worth: 300 en
Scarlet Sage Rare Perennial plant that, when heated, is useful medicine. Worth: 300 en
Mint Common Grass that gives the chewer a cooling sensation. Worth: 300 en
Poinciana Pod Rare Pod that grows into a sword-shaped shoot with a sharp tip. Worth: 300 en
Mahogany Common Superb timber which dries quickly and is easily refined. Worth: 300 en
Depth Scale Common Ancient fish scale engraved with cursed patterns. Worth: 301 en
Forked Tail Common Versatile tail used for both movement and attack. Worth: 301 en
Rabbit Tail Common So fluffy... Worth: 306 en
Horned Cap Common Much more resilient than its appearance would suggest. Worth: 314 en
Crushing Fang Common Shatters its prey's bones, preventing them from moving. Worth: 319 en
Needle Tail Common The petrifying poison in its glands has discolored it. Worth: 319 en
Tempest Bead Common Displays a dry, cracked earth plagued by lightning. Worth: 319 en
Blizzard Bead Common Displays an intensely cold land within it. Worth: 321 en
Wheel Blade Rare Piece of a strange weapon that gains power when spun. Worth: 322 en
Writhing Wood Common Undulates like a tentacle even after being cut. Worth: 322 en
Monster Bone Common A femur strong enough to support the Sauroposeidon. Worth: 325 en
Violet Tail Common Fox's tail that seems to be weightless when held. Worth: 330 en
Sanguine Tail Common Ominous tail that reeks of blood. Worth: 331 en
Dark Fur Common Used by black cats to conceal themselves in the darkness. Worth: 331 en
Inferno Bead Common Displays the dead's grudges as coruscating fire. Worth: 333 en
Stun Hypha Common Toadstool's hypha which can cripple the nervous system. Worth: 341 en
Biting Vine Common Very difficult to pull off once it's wrapped tight. Worth: 342 en
Scales Rare Gained from a Labyrinth butterfly. Highly flammable. Worth: 347 en
Dangerous Bud Rare Bud of a flower that was mowed before it blossomed. Worth: 349 en
Dolomite Common Absorbent white rock used as construction material. Worth: 350 en
Life Honey Common Honey that heals all sorts of infirmities. Worth: 350 en
Aesculus Wood Common Soft timber with a uniquely beautiful grain. Worth: 350 en
Rabbit Ear Rare Can detect the faintest noise in its surroundings. Worth: 374 en
Heavy Piece Common Unusually dense iron from a Deep One's sword. Worth: 378 en
Beast Skin Common Hard fur and thick beast skin, perfect for protective gear. Worth: 382 en
Dull Chest Fin Rare Though hard as steel, it yields excellent mobility. Worth: 384 en
Magic Shard Common Sword fragment containing the regrets of its prey. Worth: 390 en
Steel Needle Common Scorpion's stinger that has been rendered safe to touch. Worth: 398 en
Evil Staff Common Engraved with intricate, unfathomable patterns. Worth: 398 en
Dryad Statue Rare Beautifully preserved ice sculpture. Worth: 401 en
Pink Bird's Leg Common Thick, tendoned leg that can bear extraordinary loads. Worth: 409 en
Poison Branch Common Its purple coloring comes from its lethal, toxic sap. Worth: 412 en
Iron Tusk Common Large boar tusk containing high-quality iron. Worth: 421 en
Volt Whisker Common Whalebone used to pinpoint its prey's location and attack. Worth: 423 en
Elastic Skin Common Skin elastic enough to absorb strong impacts. Worth: 426 en
Rending Fin Common Watery fin that slices all who touch it. Worth: 441 en
Sharp Claw Rare Delivers fatal wounds to the unsuspecting. Worth: 471 en
Eastern Nest Rare Made from the branches of a rare, ancient tree. Worth: 500 en
Water Spine Common Dragon bone sturdy enough to be used for construction. Worth: 531 en
Sharp Wing Common Wing that can fell trees by merely brushing past them. Worth: 555 en
Fairy's Core Common Emits a gentle light even after being removed. Worth: 582 en
Statue Finger Common Stone that resists scratches no matter what it hits. Worth: 585 en
Stink Scutellum Common Foundation that emits an awful stench in self-defense. Worth: 622 en
Memimorphite Rare Changes color when viewed from different angles. Worth: 700 en
Waterlily Leaf Rare Plant's leaf that is said to be blessed by a water goddess. Worth: 700 en
Siamese Senna Rare Dense timber similar enough to iron to be used for swords. Worth: 700 en
Cursed Hypha Common Its cursed nature makes it difficult to work with. Worth: 721 en
Dragonfly Nest Common Composed of oak branches and other stray materials. Worth: 756 en
Infernal Scale Common Scale with evil flame patterns that calls forth misfortune. Worth: 763 en
Tiny Tooth Common Has a blade-like tip for the sole purpose of killing. Worth: 766 en
Blue Tentacle Common Its coloration is as if the octopus mimicked the ocean. Worth: 771 en
Rending Jaw Common It rips and tears any food intended for digestion. Worth: 786 en
Invader's Eye Common Cursed eyeball that tries to violate onlookers' minds. Worth: 806 en
Demon's Fur Common From a rabbit which murders humans indiscriminately. Worth: 809 en
Longhorn Hull Common Red shell hard enough to destroy metal. Worth: 826 en
Toxic Leather Common A black beast's hand with unthinkably strong toxins. Worth: 828 en
Thorny Bone Common Cut from the body of a ghostly pumpkin. Worth: 860 en
Shielded Wing Common Used for both flight and self-defense. Worth: 889 en
Raging Talon Common Catches and kills all that approach or flee it. Worth: 912 en
Whale Fumarole Common Used to spout sea water as an offensive measure. Worth: 913 en
Curved Horn Common Only needs one strike to stab and kill oncoming foes. Worth: 929 en
Clay Plating Common Automaton soldier's armor that repels physical blows. Worth: 960 en
Cursed Bone Common Still radiates an ominous presence after it's removed. Worth: 980 en
Clay Horn Common Sharp, heavy hown from the head of an automaton soldier. Worth: 980 en
Dragonfly Wing Rare So thin that one can easily see right through it. Worth: 989 en
Infinite Tongue Rare Seems capable of stretching endlessly... Worth: 999 en
Akaganeite Rare Metallic ore with a red sheen. Sought by collectors. Worth: 1,000 en
Star Sapphire Common Rare blue gem that shines like the stars when illuminated. Worth: 1,000 en
Aloe Rare Succulent plant that secretes a powerful, nourishing gel. Worth: 1,000 en
Ambrosia Common Glowing, white analeptic flower. Worth: 1,000 en
Paulownia Bark Rare Its uniquely light weight makes it very useful. Worth: 1,000 en
Polyamide Fiber Common Sturdy string that rarely snaps or frays. Worth: 1,000 en
Starry Shell Common Eggshell with a shine like the stars in the night sky. Worth: 1,020 en
Tripartite Horn Common First captures and holds its prey before killing it. Worth: 1,040 en
Cursed Femur Common Mysterious, bony part of a three-headed pumpkin. Worth: 1,060 en
Wrenching Jaw Common Menacing jaw that can wrench off armor like it was paper. Worth: 1,160 en
Perlite Common Ebony rock revealing sharp protrusions when split open. Worth: 1,200 en
Hogweed Oil Common Refined oil that promotes the elevation of motor functions. Worth: 1,200 en
Star Driftwood Common Glitters like the night sky when illuminated in the dark. Worth: 1,200 en
Pumpkin Head Common Highly impact-absorbent head of a three-headed pumpkin. Worth: 1,230 en
Pale Bone Common Touching this piece of a ghost pumpkin's head is chilling. Worth: 1,260 en
Vicious Claw Rare Used for the indiscriminate slaughter of trespassers. Worth: 1,380 en
Strong Fang Common Rare, extremely strong fang that's easy to work with. Worth: 1,380 en
Metallic Fur Common Hardened blue fur that once belonged to a beast. Worth: 1,550 en
King's Fur Common Adorable fur that charms all with its regal aura. Worth: 1,560 en
Execution Claw Common Queen ant's claw, curved into a sharp, blade-like hook. Worth: 1,580 en
Cursed Wool Common Wool that has been distended through absorbing curses. Worth: 1,620 en
Soft Scythe Common This mantis' blade is thin enough to rend anything. Worth: 1,760 en
Diamond Arm Common Impossibly dense arm of a stone statue. Worth: 1,820 en
Staff Stone Common Has the power to analyze the Labyrinth's monsters. Worth: 1,860 en
Princess's Fang Common Fang that renders its prey immobile before chewing it. Worth: 1,890 en
Mithril Shard Common Shard of a sword made with a forgotten technique. Worth: 1,950 en
Cursed Vine Rare Vine-like, invertebrate body of a pumpkin. Worth: 1,980 en
Crushing Arm Common Can smash bedrock and guard against bombardment. Worth: 2,318 en
Flower Scythe Rare Scythe blade that reaps all of creation, including itself. Worth: 2,500 en
Dragon Weave Common Special bone dense enough to withstand vehement attacks. Worth: 2,560 en
Queen's Bulla Rare Deep One's chest protector that spawned many tall tales. Worth: 3,000 en
Sea King Ice Rare Corotrangul's backbone composed of flexible fibers. Worth: 3,000 en
Gray Shield Rare Absorbent shark scale that can withstand intense blows. Worth: 3,000 en
Naval Ram Rare Assault ram that shows its might when ramming ships. Worth: 3,000 en
3-Lights Gem Rare The tricolored source of a golem's power. Worth: 3,000 en
Mother's Horn Rare Dragon's horn robust enough to shatter whole boulders. Worth: 3,062 en
Execution Jaw Rare Queen ant's jaw known for its ability to chew anything. Worth: 3,260 en
Sapping Root Common Root that stores life energy robbed from its host. Worth: 3,330 en
Atrocity Sigh Common Breath of an evil sheep that sends its prey to the abyss. Worth: 3,680 en
Ghostly Fur Common Body hair imbued with strong, ghostly power over the eons. Worth: 3,820 en
Coral Shell Common Tenacious shell quite capable of protecting its host. Worth: 3,830 en
Blue Scale Common Blue scale with the power to shut out all that draw near. Worth: 3,860 en
Machine Piece Common Shatters any sword that does not strike true. Worth: 4,030 en
Cursed Shard Common Came from a cursed sword that eats away at its wielder. Worth: 4,120 en
Zircon Rare Rare, dense, pale green ore that's very difficult to use. Worth: 4,500 en
Maiden's Wheat Rare Legendary stalk of wheat left by a fertility god. Worth: 4,500 en
Stardust Twig Rare Branch of unknown origin that may or may not be natural. Worth: 4,500 en
Eye of Insanity Rare Bit of a dangerous eye that drives the reckless mad. Worth: 4,800 en
Ruler's Blade Common Tongue that aims for the neck to constrict its prey. Worth: 4,810 en
Magic Circuit Rare Engraved with letters that receive power from its supply. Worth: 5,000 en
Quake Leg Rare Can crack the very earth with its offensive thrusts. Worth: 5,000 en
Raging Scale Rare Vicious dragon's power source that emits an ominous aura. Worth: 5,000 en
Evil Horn Rare Can pierce metallic plates with ease. Worth: 5,000 en
Ominous Scale Common Scale from the princess that became an abomination. Worth: 5,680 en
Machine Wing Common Abyssal King's wing that wrenches off what it touches. Worth: 5,810 en
Holy Horn Common Came from a dragon so long-lived as to be called eternal. Worth: 5,890 en
Deathly Stone Rare Transformed Divine Punisher stone that emits a miasma. Worth: 6,000 en
Volt Scale Common Sharp scale from one of the multi-headed dragon's heads. Worth: 7,390 en
Dimension Disc Common Oral ring of an increasingly vicious, enlarged anemone. Worth: 8,780 en
Prisoner's Arm Common Gouges the insides of its prey as it twists painfully. Worth: 8,980 en
King's Petal Common Resilient petal that cannot easily be scratched. Worth: 9,020 en
Trembling Fin Rare Vibrates when it touches the ground, causing earthquakes. Worth: 10,000 en
Tough Membrane Rare White membrane that cannot be torn or pierced. Worth: 10,000 en
Giant's Core Rare Core containing two of the giants' power sources. Worth: 10,000 en
Crimson Tail Rare Lightning beast's tail as red as the submerged darkness. Worth: 10,000 en
Fullmoon Crown Rare Crown tinged with magic power flowing from the moon. Worth: 10,000 en
Elastic Body Rare The fat stockpiled within makes it extremely tough. Worth: 10,000 en
Tsunami Fang Rare Emits a jet of water to blast away the prey it traps. Worth: 10,000 en
Princess's Fur Rare Shining fur enchanted with the ice princess' power. Worth: 10,000 en
Abyss Crystal Common Polyhedral crystal whose black shine brings disaster. Worth: 11,200 en
Thunder Scale Common An unimaginably sharp scale of the thunder walker. Worth: 11,960 en
Reverse Scale Common An unimaginably sharp scale of the ruler of blizzards. Worth: 12,020 en
Fire Scale Common An unimaginably sharp scale of the red dragon. Worth: 12,300 en
King's Velvet Rare Multicolored cloth that's rare among flower petals. Worth: 20,000 en
Blue Bone Rare Unbelievably sturdy and flexible metallic bone. Worth: 20,000 en
Offset Funnel Rare Emits jets of fluid that allow for faster movement. Worth: 20,000 en
Divine Scale Rare Scale with a shine greater than the brightest miracle. Worth: 20,000 en
Ice Skin Rare Dragonskin that emits the chill of the frigid northland. Worth: 30,000 en
Thunder Horn Rare Lightning dragon's horn that still rumbles with thunder. Worth: 30,000 en
Fire Fang Rare Fire dragon's fang that spews the fires of ruination. Worth: 30,000 en
Happiness Fluff Rare Golden shining fluff rumored to bring good fortune. Worth: 50,000 en
Darkstar Bead Rare Black sphere so dark that it personifies fear itself. Worth: 100,000 en