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Cargo Manifest
Name Item Type Description Buy Price
Biscuits Food Voyage food so hard, it's compared to steel plates. Cost: 10 en
Dried Peas Food Armoroad beans, dried while still green. Cost: 20 en
Sheep Cheese Food A cheese of fermented wild sheep milk. Cost: 70 en
Raisins Food A valuable sugar source during a long voyage. Cost: 40 en
Lime Fruits Food Fruit for preventing vitamin deficiencies. Cost: 20 en
Sauerkraut Food Salted cabbage with high vitamin content. Cost: 130 en
Xian Yu Food Salted jewfish that keeps well, but smells strong. Cost: 70 en
Bacalhau Food Sun-dried codfish that must be desalinated. Cost: 40 en
Salted Meat Food Sun-dried beef. It's quite versatile. Cost: 250 en
Tanniyn Bacon Food A source of protein that is both cheap and tasty. Cost: 150 en
Elephant Turtle Food A tortoise that can feed an entire sailing crew. Cost: 500 en
Fishing Flag Hull Equipment A modest flag said to bring good fortune. Cost: 0 en
Large Flag Hull Equipment A traditional flag flown over fishing ships. Cost: 30 en
Great Flag Hull Equipment A flamboyant flag flown by hopeful fisherman. Cost: 300 en
South Banner Hull Equipment A banner that antagonizes the south sea pirates. Cost: 200 en
North Banner Hull Equipment A banner that antagonizes the north sea pirates. Cost: 1,000 en
Dolphin Statue Hull Equipment A bow dolphin statue said to increase one's luck. Cost: 70 en
Sedna Statue Hull Equipment A gold statue of an ocean goddess, granting safety. Cost: 450 en
Casting Net Hull Equipment A popular fishing tool made of hemp and cotton. Cost: 120 en
Fishing Net Hull Equipment It skims the water rather than being lowered. Cost: 750 en
Trawling Net Hull Equipment A net for fishing while on the move. Cost: 50 en
Ned's Harpoon Hull Equipment A harpoon used by the master hunter, Ned. Cost: 200 en
Tanniyn Cannon Hull Equipment A powerful harpoon that uses gunpowder to fire. Cost: 1,200 en
Foremast Sail This mast generates a stronger propulsion. Cost: 30 en
Latin Sail Sail A support mast rigged to increase speed. Cost: 350 en
Culverin Cannon Its name means "snake" in an ancient tongue. Cost: 80 en
Carronade Cannon The newest smoothbore, nicknamed "The Crusher." Cost: 500 en
Iron Naval Ram Hull Equipment A hull armament that cuts through seaweed. Cost: 100 en
Steel Plating Hull Equipment Hull plating that greatly increases durability. Cost: 250 en